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Hi! I would like to ask one thing and share something about a particular version of monopoly that was made for flash (more specifically,, but the game has been isolated on various sites so it could be used outside of it)

I was wondering if it could be possible for this version to be added? (i wanted to ask before trying)

The thing i wanted to share is that this version has a very odd glitch i'm still trying to wrap my head around. Basically, at the end of your turn, clicking the "end turn" button twice (in a two player CPU game) will allow you to gain another turn. (doing it as many times as there are players will have the same effect.) However, clicking it once will allow you to go to the next player.. Unless there's a specific circumstance.

Basically, what i've figured is that if you do this while the other player is in jail, you'll be stuck in a loop of doubles (even if you didn't roll doubles) where going to the next turn won't be possible (even if you roll 3), and the same kind of thing happens in and odd circumstance i found where.. i guess i rolled doubles..? and it kept me in the loop. I can make an in depth video on it in neccesary (i might possibly try speedrunning it if this glitch can be perfected)

This is the site where it originated, that needs a user account to to play the game:

Would the version on this site be allowed? Or would i have to isolate it and play it through flash on my computer if i wanted to do it where i don't need to make an account to pogo to submit a legitimate run?

PS: like i said earlier this glitch is still a bit confusing to me, i made this post to ask people about it and maybe receive some input on how to perfect it without being stuck in a loop but still gaining an advantage.


I'd like to give an update. I've almost fully mastered this version of the game (the freewebarcade version, if it's allowed) where i can perfectly do the glitch and will follow up with a submitted run soon. I'll most likely be able to submit it under any% (or 100% if i manage it in one run without trying).

I'll explain it when i record my run and have it uploaded on youtube.


I feel like if anything DS should be added before a flash game, but thats just my opinion


Yeah, that is true. Why not both though? This game has an insane glitch, and it could played normally too, and the handheld monopoly has hardly any representation.