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Hello people.

I was planning to run the whole game (all 4 stories) in one segment but noticed there was no category for that. Maybe because no one has defined the rules for Origin story yet. Do we have any plan to include that?


The only reason why Origin Story isn't there is due to only 1 level actually containing anything to do with time which is obviously Epilogue: The Cleaner.

Having Origin all you would have to do is spawn and die and the next bit would unlock the next level (for any%).
Personally I don't know what to do with Origin Story just yet because it's a bit of a grey area for me.

If people can pitch ideas on how it would work I'm all eyes.


I don't think we can just start the level, die and proceed. At least "Complete" status is needed to unlocked the next level, while "Perfect" status will earn us the "clean out award" for that level. Each trophy counts as 10 coins, but is not required for unlocking the next level or earning the clean out award.

The best I can come up with for any% is: achieve "Complete" status, then die to end the level. And 100% is: achieve "Perfect" status with all trophies, then die to end the level. Yeah, in the end it's still a race to see who can manage to die first, but still can't think of a better condition yet.


Just for a second opinion, I think if it's decided to implement this run the Origin story should have the rules Frank proposed. There is still a fair amount of strategy that can be used to try and get yourself killed as you collect the last trophy in Any% and 100% being to get the "perfect" status remains consistent with the rest of the game. Just my 2 cents

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So the origin story.

There are 3 goals in each of these levels. a "complete" money goal (a very low number of coins, 40 or 50 depending on number of trophies) a trophy/trophy goal always X/4 or X/5. and a "perfect" money goal (varies from 108 to like 125).

You do not unlock the next level if you die below 40 (50) coins.

On a blank save file, to unlock each level, you only need to do the "complete" money goal in the previous level. Missing the trophies is fine.

On a blank save file, you can obtain perfect status without getting some or all of the trophies.

Collecting all trophies will always give the "complete goal" because the "complete" goals are 10 X number of trophies and trophies are worth 10 points.

On the level select screen, there are 5 trophies above each level(1P, MP, health, coin, zombie). The one normally designated for 100%, the coin trophy, will fill in for the origins levels without collecting the trophies once the "complete" money goal is reached. It will not fill in if you collect all trophies but die below the money goal.

The game does tracks trophies during the level itself (in the bottom left same as all other levels) and the "final score" screen, where it shows the 5/5 and adds them separately to your coin score, but as said, does not track them for purposes of .the C trophy

For the purposes of a RTA speedrun of these levels, most routes would still want to pick up the trophies since they count as 10 rather than 1. Almost all the (fast) "perfect" routes would involve getting all trophies incidentally. For "complete" it is fastest to beat the levels with 1-3 trophies less than the goal. Levels such as Locksmith allow quick access to safes for example, while mole/blonde would want the 10 coin boosts of some of the trophies even to reach the small goal.

It's quite clear that optimal strategies would want to take damage throughout the level and to try to time death just after touching their last coin/trophy.

It's possible to go by the ingame requirements to unlock/clear the level. (In which case all trophies is unnecessary in both. This would make the any% and 100% route the most distinct from one another.

If the rules are instead defined as any% as all trophies and 100% as "perfect" +all trophies. We have the advantage of making the speedroute more comparable to other levels.

I feel like the way the developers made the number of trophies exactly enough to reach the "complete" goal even without collecting a single normal coin indicates that they want that to be an alternate level completion goal, or at the very least did so to ease new players who picked mole: origins right after level 2 into the same kind of gameplay as elsewhere.

Therefore I think I'll side with Frank- any% should be "complete" without all trophies and 100% should be "perfect " with all trophies.

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Okay, I've placed it in as "All Stories".

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Bit late and kind of unnessesary due to not having no runs yet, but i think All Stories Classic (Any% and 100%) rules should really just be Locksmith and Pickpocket stories, since Origins+Fin are enhanced designs only.