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Hello Racingmonster!

Are you moderating this section now? I recently submitted a Tier 1 Mode run which is awaiting approval.

I think it may require a different category than the standard Any% run due to its difficulty, no cutscenes, level transitions, lower ammo, and whole level reset upon death.

Hope to hear from you.


I only saw this message now. Somehow I'm the only moderator of this game but I'm not even a super, so I can't add you both guys as mods for this game... I'll post this on the main forum so that it can be fixed!

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Hi SpectreXS, I plan on doing some IL runs of this game. Can I be a mod so I don't have to bother you every time I submit?

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Could someone replace the current wallpaper to one from the actual game? I think one of these would look good:

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