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As shown in my fourth video on this matter, I asked KazamiYuuka to come to a specific Discord server to explain herself and come up with a resolution for this incident in order to end it once and for all. As it turned out, Yuuka appeared shortly before the deadline and had a discussion with me on how to end all of this. Unfortunately, she decided to not do her part, and by “her part” I mean to publicly apologize for her cheating attempts, deceiving speeches, and her attacks on the people who sought the truth and exposed her. In the end, there is no agreement from both parties.
I personally do not find her explanation about her “motivation” convincing, but this is not really important to begin with. What is certain is that, she did intentionally submit cheated Recharger runs (and upload yet another Recharger run with modified stats on Bilibili as a “rebuttal”), and this is all that matters. Such behavior is not acceptable.
Here comes the actual resolution: all her videos with modified Ares files will be removed from the site, and that would include… well, almost all her videos. However, in the end, it was a mistake on our part to accept them at the first place, and this will be further explained in the second part of this announcement.
To address some people’s concern: No, a single cheater does not ruin the image and reputation of everyone from that place. I’m confident to say that most “foreigners” did not dislike KazamiYuuka for being Chinese and do not consider her as the representative of all Chinese on this planet, because she is not and she shouldn’t be.
At long last, it’s over. This is a relief for everyone. Thanks Wavepy and FuyuCielo69 for discovering the oddities in Yuuka’s run from 5/27/2018. Thanks SadPencil, SaburaAlsace, and many others for spending time on testing the game mechanism. Thanks everyone who helped to communicate with KazamiYuuka and tried to persuade her.
Regardless of your role in this incident, now is the time to move on. Even if you hate KazamiYuuka for what she did, keep bringing this up over and over would only give her undeserved attention from this point onward, and that’s not what you want, is it?
More importantly, this incident made me realize the incompleteness of the leaderboard rules and the need to specify certain details. In a sense, I want to thank Yuuka for this. Yes, THANK YOU VERY MUCH, KazamiYuuka, for providing a perfect example of what NOT to do that will stay in the hall of shame for others to see.
After thorough consideration, I decide to post the new rules that will be applied to all categories in this announcement. Here are the additions to the current rules:
Do NOT add, delete, or modify any game files, and by “any”, I mean ANY. Do not edit certain files so that you can change game speed in the campaign. Do not replace the Ares files included in an official release with other versions.
You can use the official Chinese/Russian language pack and the official soundtrack, of course. Using unofficial translation patches is NOT allowed. Using your own mix files for soundtrack is discouraged, but still allowed.
This should be common sense IMOH, but at the end of the day, the very notion of “common sense” is rather subjective. Therefore, it’s not a bad idea to make things clearer on issues like this.
Negative examples:

If you want to submit a run with in-game time, you need to either include the evaluation screen or the internal frame counter from Livespit ( in you video; the latter is preferred since it removes the influence of lagging. You can still submit a run if there is no proof of the actual in-game time, but it can only go by the real time in this case. If an existing run with no proof of its in-game time is slower than a newer run with faster real time, the the in-game time of the former will be removed so that it can be surpassed by the later.

So… yeah, that’s about it for the rule specification. Not a lot, actually.
An important reminder: Speedrunning is a cooperative hobby, and the sharing of strategies is an important part of it. Your strats aren’t copyrighted or anything. If you don’t want others to use your strats, you probably shouldn’t upload the video at the first place.
Negative example:

Last but not least, thanks everyone who participated in speedrunning Mental Omega in legitimate ways. As of this point, Mental Omega has the highest player count and 5th highest run count of all C&C games on the site. This would not happen without you guys. Hopefully, more people will join in the future!


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