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I wanted to make some attempts at minimalist category, but i still have some doubts yet:

1) Can i play with both X and Zero, even with armored X (Forth Armor)?

2) Whats exactly the gap jump following High Max as mentioned at rules of this category?

3) If i can use weapons only at High Max, it include the fight against him at alternative routes in maverick stages or only at Gate II stage?

Thks in advance for any clarification;


Unarmored X Only
The jump that requires magma blade buffering, with the two platforms with the low ceiling in between.
High max boss fight requires subweapon usage, so only here.

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Oh, very nice! I love unarmored X. Please check the minimalist rules, this detail is missing.

Using unarmored X only, how is possible to pass it without using the Ice Burst or any other weapon? I think jumper is not enoug for it.

The jump that require magma blade is it ? I always used the jumper to pass this area with unarmored X, i will try this trick with magma blade;

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Ah yes, you can use the ice block there. I will add that to the rules in a sec.

And yes, that's the section for magma blade.

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