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I can not believe I tried to get this cheat modded for this game. Also holy moly that desync during gate


Hey, I followed this from the Reddit thread yesterday with the pastebin that RetroGamer made. I am aware of the allegations thrust upon Cyberdemon531a. I haven't watched many of his runs or have any knowledge in the game, but the information you have given us is very compelling. Heh, I would be hard-pressed to believe he's not a cheater at this point. It's ridiculous how much recently happened with this drama. I actually took a gander at the video and wasn't able to figure out who Nightmare Mother was or what an ensuizan is, but I saw a point where he seemingly becomes invincible and does the lava dancing you were referring to. I looked at some other points in the run and I think I see that you have to cancel the animation or something to do the glitch, but I understand what you're talking about when you say there is no way he could do it at this spot. Again, I'm not saying I know what I'm talking about, but looking at a few your speedruns and the professional manner in which you presented this, I'm sure you know a hell of a lot more than I when it comes to just speedrunning in general.

Although I am not entirely familiar with MMX6 I can definitely see the points in which freezes and I guess he just brushed it off as "emulator lag". In my opinion, a person shouldn't even be doing speedruns on emulator for this very reason. Let's assume he's innocent; how is he going to get this massive gorilla off his back? There is so much evidence against anything he has posted on Reddit that I just can't bring myself to believe him. Like the pastebin said, this is a breach of a speedrunner's trust. If he's innocent, then he should really try to replicate some of these strange "freezes" on console. It's just so easy to cheat on emulator that I think any run done on it should be banned.

Since I'm not too educated in this game, I took the time to look at the leaderboards. Being a minute ahead of the closest times is just a joke. When I looked at the final splits in the twitch VOD, I saw over 40 seconds saved. Speedruns have been done for this game for years and just out of nowhere he saves 40 seconds? Yeah.... okay. When I looked at the pastebin, RetroGamer also said that he was sick for about a week and couldn't stream before he started streaming again to get this amazing run. I'm just going to assume that this is more of a well-done TAS using RTA strategies than an actual serious speedrun.

Cyberdemon, you're a prominent member on /r/speedrun, but you need to clean up your act.

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Absolutely appalling! I ran the personal best video through a Spectograph and look what comes up!

Notice anything??

LOOK AT THIS!!! Those indicate a complete break in the consistency of the audio. Generally speaking it is supposed to stay solid due to a constant hum....... unbelievable. Punishment is DUE.

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If you can prove that truly came from his run then holy moly RIP cybersplicer



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