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So, I noticed that console only runs are the default for the boards atm and was wondering if this was just a placeholder as we go through changes or do you plan on sticking with that? I really think emu and consoles should be the default as that would not hide anyone's runs and make this a inclusive community rather than an exclusive one that is starting to smack of elitism.

Or as, Crak, put it. "There is no reason to alienate emu runners from the leaderboards, they are part of the X6 community as well."

Just my opinion on what I have seen so far.


   It is a place holder. The leaderboards will have their final look hopefully after this weekend, most likely tomorrow. Emu runs will be shown by default then, so don't worry.


we hopefully will time load differences from ps2 emu and gc soon so then everything should be fine


    PS2 emu is banned until we have solid proof that a) its loads are consistent across PCs and b)XC GCN loads are also consistent. That way we could add the necessary time to the PS2 emu, but until then, PS2 emu is banned.


[Quote = "Substylee"]
Or as, Crak, put it. "There is no reason to alienate emu runners from the leaderboards, they are part of the X6 community as well."


You can use emulators, just not the inaccurate ones. Maybe if you read a bit more into what we were doing you wouldn't feel the need to get super uptight and "offended."

At no point did we say we were banning emulations, we only mentioned PS2 Emulations (until the community deems them fit enough to be used). Did you not know, that Mega Man X6 was released for the PS1 and that we have accurate PS1 emulators for this game?

In addition, the default and overall look of the leaderboard is still a work in progress, a new thread will be made in near future once everything is settled.


Cool, at least Izraill addressed my concern without being a douche about it. 😉

Anyways lets all start from square one and is there a wiki or forum that shows how to fix the frame choppiness and audio crackling of Xebra? My rig might not be top of the line anymore, but I think an I7, 8gbs of ram and a 970gtx should be able to handle a PS1 emulator, one that was a pain to find a current version of.


try going into view -> video settings and turning all three numbers to 0. that should turn off frameskipping and hopefully fix your shit

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Zewing, if you want to talk trash at least type it to my face. I have been pretty civil about the whole thing like my verified run getting deleted with no explanation 2 days before your and Izraill's first posts. Believe me I have not yet even gotten into huge dick levels.

Again, I extended the olive branch in my previous post and said lets start back on square one and I meant it. So I have a clean slate because I can not be petty so we will wait and see what you do on your end.


Ok I shall start back at square one since after rethinking how I talked I have went over board.

Hello my name is Zewing. I speed run video games (especially mega man x series) and pretty much enjoy it a ton.

While I may have acted "elitist" or something akin to that, I can assure you I got no ill will towards speed runners who use emulators. What I do have an issue with, however, is runners using inaccurate emulators that give a major advantage over fastest official releases.

When I say "compete," I mean claiming a run better on a leaderboard / competition site. I don't care how people speed run but once you begin competing rules have to be followed.

This site's leaderboard was ran by Cyberdemon (prior to Izraill and me) because of the horrendously lazy actions of Jokah, whose solution to fixing his site's version for X6 to be "just use and leave me be."

And thus this is why people started to submit X6 runs on PS2 Emulator here, because Cyberdemon and Izraill (at the time) were ignorant to the fact that it was wrong (and proven wrong, 0xwas made a video with a single loading screen to be 2 seconds faster PS2 emu over GCN XC).

Now I do agree some post should have been made that should have explained "major leaderboard overhaul" or something, and this is something we just didn't plan in hind sight since we were caught up in the rush to begin preparing this leaderboard for the eventual API merge w/ the mmrta wiki. For that I apologize.

In addition, this was meant to be a community leaderboard, but the current moderators at the time did not treat it as such, instead it became "this is how I want it to be, everything else is wrong."

Personally, I agree with how the leaderboard layout was here, in which PSX and XC were combined in 1 place, but once again I could not act like an individual and had to make it a community leaderboard. Community perspectives were to standardize PSX version and let XC be what you see now (except different difficulty = different category no matter what community you were in, so it ended up being to make default main categories the fastest in XC).

In regards to my previous actions, I mistook you as someone who acted like cyber's crew and that pretty much sparked rage in me. These past few days have been nothing but stress inducing, but even so that was wrong of me to act (I was a moderator at time, mods shouldn't ever act like this which is why I just stepped down). So yeah, sorry, and hopefully these past transgressions can be forgotten as X6 is still, in my opinion, the best mega man x game to speed run and I don't want to act like this to any members of a speed game I enjoy.

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Thank you, for that response. I apologize if my posts had an aggressive edge to them. Like you and the others I think this game is blast to play so when all of a sudden my run is gone and then later on people come in saying this is how it's going to be it left a sour taste.

I personally don't care about my time, let's be honest 53:55 (pos Sigma) is not a good time. I got interested in this game from watching Souless_Gouki and now that these rules are in effect it sucks to see him and obviously other good runners whose times have been around for a year or so basically not exist, but it is what it is. While I do hang out in Cyber's/8bit's channels sometimes and their antics and those of their chat don't bother me at all I personally can't go full in like they do it's not my thing, lol.

Now that I see the history of this whole thing it makes sense so I am cool with it and will adapt to the changes. So again I do apologize and let's all just run this game and have fun.

That's it lurkers drama's over. Go back to /r/speedrun or the new /r/speedruncelebrities/ for your daily dose of drama.

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Thank you for the reply and I definitely wish to see more X6 submissions!