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There's been a lot of debate and drama over the MMX games on recently, so I've decided to update the ruleset and clarify where I believe these boards stand as of June 2017.

Currently the MMX community overwhelmingly supports a single, complete leaderboard at Many of the attempts to mirror or transfer the leaderboards have resulted in an incomplete or occasionally contradicting leaderboard on However, many runners of these games have voiced a (valid, in my opinion) concern about desiring to have their times listed on their profiles on this site as well.

In order to accommodate both of these concerns, I have updated the submission rules to reflect the fact that the community overwhelmingly views MMLB as the centralized authority on MMX times. Thus, we request that all submitted times go through the verification process on MMLB first.

Once a run is verified on MMLB, I will happily transfer it manually to the existing mirror on, if desired. If you don't like this, I urge you to please talk to me about it - I will happily make a note to stop transferring your PBs over here.

Tl;dr - Don't submit runs on; they will not be verified. We request that you simply make an account on to submit your PBs. I will then gladly transfer them over here so that they will show up on your profile.

If you have any questions/concerns/complaints on this policy, feel free to reach out to me on Twitter (@orrsa) or Discord (orsa#4307). I'll be happy to discuss things with you and attempt to facilitate any concerns that you have.