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So I noticed that Clear Tonic has been advertising an event that allows me to use X Collection for X3 but it tells me I'm not allowed to use the doppler skip. What's going on here? I thought "Any% No Doppler Skip" wasn't a category?

I guess you guys should reconsider adding it. There will probably be a lot of new runners soon!


What's Clear Tonic? What is this event?


cleartonic is another urnner who is having a megaman 1-10 + X1-8 +zero 1-4 race


Is he doing it as part of the Triple M or is he doing it for some other reason?


The huge multi-game race is what the Triple M is, you can find all the info about it here

As far as platforms/categories are concerned, the rules are pretty relaxed in favor of being as convenient as possible to play 23 games with few console/cartridge/disc swaps, with a few restrictions on a game-by-game basis to keep things fair across platforms. Restricting XC/PS use of the doppler skip in a race containing both SNES and XC/PS makes sense, but has little to do with XC/PS-specific leaderboard categories.

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While I do not run this particular game, I am glad to see that after the nonsense that went down through this thread (and numerous others) we have a working leaderboard for X3. I hope that in the future this can be replicated for the remainder of the MM series. It's refreshing to see people get past their differences to reach a happy compromise.

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