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Honestly, the stipulation wouldn't add much of anything interesting to the run. Outside of just a handful of scenarios, it's always faster to avoid bonking enemies anyway, so to go fast optimally, you already see top level runs getting through the game taking very little, if any, unnecessary damage. Bonking an enemy is about a half a second time loss every time, so the stages are routed in such a way that allows us to get through them without hitting the enemies along the way.

So, when optimized, a 1hp run wouldn't really differ that much from just a standard Mega Man X speedrun.

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The standard any% category does not collect the hadouken, either. So, if you want to do runs without the hado, do any%. Also, why would 1hp prevent getting the hado, anyway? And again, when optimized in the standard MMX speedrun, the bosses don't have that many opportunities to deal damage, honestly. There's Penguin, he can. Kuwanger is pretty much a non-issue with the speedrun strat. Eagle is a non-issue. Chameleon is a non-issue. Mandrill is mostly a non-issue, as well as Mammoth. Octo would present a challenge. And to some extent Rangda, and I guess D-Rex. But you needing to be careful - and slower - on three boss fights just doesn't really warrant its own category, in my opinion.

If you like no damage challenges, and having low HP, pick up Mega Man X any%. As I said above, to do the stages and bosses fast, you basically try to avoid damage anyway just because of how the movement and strats work. So you could probably satisfy your urge to minimize damage just with the existing categories.

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Not every challenge run needs a speedrun leaderboard. As teemu said, a one hp run would be near identical to the standard any percent run with the exception that the consequences for mistakes would be much higher. Buster only and glitched password runs differ substantially in gameplay from any other category on the board.


All that being said, nothing is preventing you from playing the game the way you like. I encourage you to continue running one hp with or without a leaderboard if that is what you enjoy.

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