So, I just noticed that my 3rd place run's final split is done when Ooze-Ecto flies off. A habit I'm going to have to break, as it's exactly what I've been doing in my recent de-rust runs as well. I guess to me it just makes sense since that's technically the end of the game, control or not of the zord. Not really sure if this was a rule one year ago or not, can't remember.

Was it and I'm forgetting, or have the rules changed?

Totally fine if my run is removed because of this. Just curious is all.


Yeah it was changed, i just didn't cached that one.

It is in the rules and why remove the run when i can edit your time.
Boom +2 sec, get back to work scrub Kappa

Just don't make that mistake in your next runs, it's not fun to verify hours of contents for so many games and be forced to edit 90% of them cause people never read the rules T. T


Can do. Already got to work on fixing the habit. Now I just move once Ecto-Ooze flies off and split once the zord stops moving. All that's left for me now is to beat my PB. Gonna add 2 seconds to the final time so it evens out.

Thanks Sm_Izumi.


Aww boy I hadn't noticed this either. When do you even lose control? I've always worked on it being the last hit you land on Ooze, I've not tried pressing anything after that anyway.


There's one way to know when you've lost control of the Zord without any input post Ivan. Pay attention the line on the Player 2 side "CREDIT ##". This line disappears when you've lost control. Obviously this wouldn't work for Co-op, but hope this helps answer your problem TurnipWaa. 🙂