Adding new rules which will apply to future runs from this point on. You must show difficulty in the options before you start an attempt. Also saves states are not allowed. You must reset console or emulator. Save stating to title screen is banned from this point on. Also for emulator runs, please state the name & version of the emulator used in your submission. This does not apply to any runs before this as of 07/24/2018

  [user deleted]

Oooooh...snap! snap But for some reason when I do reset it'll say Saved "gamename.oops"(example). I don't know why it does that, which is why I plan on getting a SNES classic soon so it'll all be settled, thanks for the new rules notice dude. 😊


I can use Arcade stick as controller in this speedrun?


Cant see why not. Go right ahead. Good luck and have fun. Also make sure before any runs to check the rulles out. 🙂