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hi, im new into speedruning BN series, but idk how to start it, cuz there is no tutorial vids w/ commentary etc., can someone post here all strats/route used in RTA?

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there isn't any real tutorials for BN4, it's an awkward one to run due to all the different scenario's. I guess the best bet would be to watch the best run of the version you want to play and ask runners/look at their notes for the best scenario's and how to handle them optimally. You could most easily ask in the BN discord or just send a twitch message or something to one of the runners.


Hi Ark, sorry for the super late reply, but I've recently added a Red Sun Any% Set Seed Guide. While it certainly doesn't cover all scenarios, feel free to add your own slides to it. Will be trying to do a more comprehensive one for Blue Moon.


uhhh where's the guide tho? if you'd mind telling me, and also thx in advance