Faster flower slide
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so i was watching the wr speedrun for loz mm 3d and i saw the runner do the flower slide and buffer a bunch of frames and it definitely takes longer than the anywhere items glitch i found (idk if i actually found it). But idk how many other people know this but you know how you do the the fierce deity mask anywhere right? that works with all items. (like bombs or masks aka only pull out consume) if you dont know how to do it this is the best explanation i could come up with: go into first person mode with an item you can use on any button. (x and y are easiest), then go into the items menu and replace the usable item with whatever item (lets say a bomb) then press L to zoom out, as the animation of the camera zooming out is going on (or just as you press L to zoom out im not sure but im pretty sure its as soon as you press L ) press the button assigned to the item you want to use and you will pull it out. i remember using this glitch after i saw a zeldamaster video on how to use the fierce deity mask anywhere. but then i thought hmm lets try with a different item and it worked im not sure if this works on any versions other than 1.1(or if there are any i haven't played the game in a while until today) but its definitely faster than the setup used in the wr speedrun with all of the pause buffering twords the fence

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the video im talking about is this:

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well for this you need the pictobox which you dont get in first cycle

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