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It honestly isn't that hard to moderate a leaderboard when you are already moderating an inferior site's leaderboard. How long until somebody finally puts these categories up?



I'm also not a fan of the Megaman community's lack of willingness to adopt SRcom integration, but at some point you've just got to accept that it's a reality that's not going to change. If you want to see the times for this game, you go to

Simple as that, really.

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I still don't understand why you think MMRTA is inferior, but whining about it here isn't going to change anything. Your argument was already shot down in the Discord server by multiple people.


I'm sure tossing insults will motivate everyone further, good job. The answer to your question is likely never. MMRTA already has a vast community of verifiers that assist with the boards as well as mods in place for every game. It's honestly one of the most welcoming communities I've ever been a part of. The only reason you feel it's inferior is you have preference. I can even appreciate the convenience of wanting runs all in 1 place but if something like this is enough to get you bent out of shape you sound like you're focusing on the wrong part of running. Seeing everyone's contribution to the strats of a new game has been nothing short of incredible. Maybe take a moment to appreciate that opposed to making a stink over where your time would be posted.

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Feel free to transfer all the times over yourself and keep it updated if its so easy to do

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I'd be willing to do so KLM, but honestly you guys ARE being pretty stubborn about this site so I doubt you even want this LB to have activity.


Actually Joka suggested that to you in his first comment in the Discord so, perhaps the issue is you are raising this concern everywhere but not actually communicating with him to pick up the ball.

"Now, if you are volunteering to manage and maintain boards for all categories on and manually keep them in sync, I have no problems or objections to that. But if you are not, you shouldn't demand that anyone else does it either."

(Worth noting he made this offer to you 17 days ago, more than 2 weeks prior to this thread)

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having had to deal with third parties trying to sync the boards before, I strongly object that offer.