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Can we add a category for the kiosk demo? It's gotten some attention, e.g. here:

I'd also be up to running it.

For info on what the demo actually is, see here:


No. Simply put, there's no point in adding an extraneous category for a portion of the game that's already present in every category already. There's nothing wrong with doing runs yourself for fun, but we attempt to keep the leaderboards as simple and concise as possible.


only reason I think people run it for fun, is because minor differences in the demo
but from the grand scheme of things.. it's not sufficient as a game to run. it's just, how fast can you kill Tolstar the game. The demo being only about 5 minutes of play time, it wouldn't be much you could do to optimize that kind of run or at all since it's only the Goomba fight and Tolstar that take any time.

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