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Can we please start a 100 percent category?
I would like to start running it.

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We don't have a 100% category and we have no plans for adding one, because there are no real conventional definitions for 100%. One runner has done his own definition of 100% before, but it's incredibly arbitrary.

If you got something in mind, I'd suggest you start running it and present a proof of concept, then there might be more room for discussion.

You don't need a leaderboard to run a category.

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Ok I know the runner, it’s mr. Shasta and I agree that all it is, is:

1. Complete all side quest and get best score possible (what gives you most of the beans)
2. Get all yellow moles.
3. Beat the game.

I believe there’s not much to this game but that.

I will start soon and I will turn the video proof in, you can bet on that.

Thank you.


You can't "turn the video proof in" if that category doesn't exist; and even if you have a run with video proof that still doesn't mean we're obliged to make a category for it. lol


I Don't Think That A Fanmade 100% Category Needs to Be Added!
You Could Still Do A Run Yourself! But I Doubt Anybody Would Add A Fanmade 100% Category.
Unless There's An Actual Official 100% Category,Mods Can't Add 100% With Just A Single Run.
And Even If They Would (Which Is Probably Impossible) We Need 12 Runners to run It!


I guess this means all categories must be removed now, because even with Emulators shown, there aren't 12 runners for any of these categories. @SanicbiscuitSanicbiscuit

And no, it's not impossible at add a category with just a single run. Actually, all categories always start with zero runs. However, I agree that no category should be added if there is only one single run (with exceptions not applicable to this game). If there is more than one, then there could be discussion.

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@SnodecaSnodeca No,Wait A Second!
I Didn't Meant that ALL CATEGORIES (Including the already existing ones) SHALL Have 12 Runners to it!
This Rule IS Only for the categories requested by Non-Mods,not for the Categories who can already be runned!
Hope You Understood!
P.S.Deleting These Existing Categories Would Be Something Really Sad,So Don't Make The Moderators Do It!


Sorry to bring this subject back but how the other games managed to have new categories? If the game is not that popular and few people speedrun it then it will never be possible to have a new category?

In my humble opinion each game of this type should have a so-called "100%" category with a list of objectives that would be voted on by the community that speedrun the game or even members of the site. I'm not necessarily trying to impose my idea but just to propose one so that eventually players can embark on a new category.

I sincerely hope that the "Mario and Luigi" series can have its category 100% like the "Paper Mario" series.

I know that it should not only be a simple proposal and that it is perhaps subjective but I will see well in the category 100% :

- Beat the game
- All 7 gadgets from Starbeans Cafe
- All 11 golden Monty Mole
- All 8 Bros Attack at the "Advanced" level
- All Uniques Badges and Clothings
- All Sidequests (Beanstone Digging & Beanlets) -> knowing that Surfing Game Island, Spangle's Quest and Harhall's Shirt Design are mandatory to have a unique badge or clothing

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