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Can we please start a 100 percent category?
I would like to start running it.



We don't have a 100% category and we have no plans for adding one, because there are no real conventional definitions for 100%. One runner has done his own definition of 100% before, but it's incredibly arbitrary.

If you got something in mind, I'd suggest you start running it and present a proof of concept, then there might be more room for discussion.

You don't need a leaderboard to run a category.

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Ok I know the runner, it’s mr. Shasta and I agree that all it is, is:

1. Complete all side quest and get best score possible (what gives you most of the beans)
2. Get all yellow moles.
3. Beat the game.

I believe there’s not much to this game but that.

I will start soon and I will turn the video proof in, you can bet on that.

Thank you.


You can't "turn the video proof in" if that category doesn't exist; and even if you have a run with video proof that still doesn't mean we're obliged to make a category for it. lol