Proposed Category Changes
2 years ago
New South Wales, Australia

Hi Guys,

We would like to make a few minor changes to the current category setup and would appreciate any feedback before we go ahead with the changes:

While there aren't "many" runs on the leaderboard that run under these rules, there are still remnants from past runs which would qualify from before HPT was discovered to work on MKT. NHPT/NME has been a pretty successful category in MK2, MK3 and UMK3 and reflects what I think a lot of people see as the "glitchless/legit" way to run these games. I see no reason why it shouldn't be treated the same on MKT.

#2. Using the "Individual Levels" Leaderboard for Character specific runs Similarly to the other classic MK's, this idea has proven effective to providing a place for people to master specific characters while not affecting the main leaderboard. While it may take time to populate every characters categories, this allows people a means of being recognized for their mastery of a specific character.

#3. Add a true Any% category Currently on category extensions exists an Any% (No Bosses) category which was originally just called Any%. However there has been some demand for a proper true "anything goes" category. This feels like a good opportunity to add it. This category will exist separately from the currently run "Bosses" category and will allow the selection of any difficulty and any tower on top of allowing the overpowered boss characters.

#4. Category name changes There will be 4 main categories as follows:

  • Standard (The same as the current "No Bosses" category)
  • NHPT (No High Punch Trick, transferred from Category Extensions)
  • Any% (New category in which anything is allowed including any tower, difficulty and/or the use of boss characters)
  • Bosses (The same as the current "Bosses" category)

"Standard" will be the new name for the main category which defines as "hardest difficulty, hardest tower, no bosses, anything goes". This is something that has worked out well in UMK3 in a similar way and serves a good way to indicate what is considered the main category.

We would like to give everyone a chance to give their thoughts and feedback before implementing these changes. We will implement these changes in the next few days if there are no significant objections.

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