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Hey guys! If you're new to this game, you may not know how to snake. Snaking is a technique of making multiple mini turbo boosts on a straight, and for experienced users, on difficult turns!
To get your mini turbo faster, start a drift and push the control stick in that direction. Then push it to the opposite and back to the direction you're moving. You have built up a quick mini turbo!
So to snake, you would drift left and do the trick, and after doing it, drift right and do it. This gives you more speed than just driving. It also allows you to handle shortcuts normally requiring a mushroom to keep your speed, as it's fast enough to do it.
So which vehicles are good at snaking? Well to list a few, Egg 1, Dry Bomber and ROB-BLS. These have excellent handling and can easily win a race for you by repeating the trick. High speed characters like Bowser don't have this handling, hindering their snaking ability.
I hope this guide helps anyone new, or people who didn't know about snaking!