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Unfortunately we have become aware of an inaccuracy with the in-game timer in these 2 games. It would appear that the in-game timer still counts loading time and is inconsistent across different platforms.

In order to maintain fairness, we have decided to change the leaderboard to count times without loads. This means that all current runs on the leaderboard for these 2 games, and any new submissions must be re-timed manually. Of course, this takes some time to accomplish.

In the interest of transparency we will be using the following guide for load-time removal:

Please note: All runners are still expected to submit their full run with loading times intact. Runs that are edited with load times already removed will be rejected.

Additionally, PS2/Xbox will be separated into their own sub-categories as with emulators and real-hardware.

We ask that you bear with us during this time, and apologize to anyone who has had their run verification delayed because of it.

Thank you for your patience.