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New Sticky: Run TimingsSuper modSnipinG117
New Sticky (locked): Discord ServerSuper modSnipinG117
New Loading timeHaji
New IL Runs?8ight
New 50cc and 100cc needed.a_xxEzraBxxx_b
New No Items Language DifferenceWelcius
New 32 tracks category?Omar
New ILs for Individual Tracks in Time Trial mode?HowDenKing
New 100% cateory?GamerAdvanced_
New WR split appears to be very earlyXCS
New Classic%Bluemlittlem
New 48 TracksGLol
New I think we should have single race speedrunsStarman09
New 2-Player Runs?mudkipman98
New Hey!TheRealSpaded
New Individual Cups for different CC's?timetravelpenguin
New About the leaderboard...Karasukunzx
New Link to MK8 WiiU speedrun forum and vice versa?Videowiz92
New Coins allowed?!RicoDexter
New Just wonderingDestroyer121121
New Digital vs. CartridgePatrick
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