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To get rid of any confusion which has been around for a few months, I like to make clear that Top 5 times will require the nessecary video proof in order to be accepted. This has been requested by a number of runners and since there was never a set standard since new mods have been assigned, I'd like to make it clear for now what has been decided. Runs on the leaderboard Top 5 with no video before the date of this post, will not be affected.

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For me, every run under those time should need a video proof:
Nitro, Retro & DLC 45 min
32 tracks 1h 25 min
48 tracks 2h 15 min

Nitro, Retro & DLC 36 min
32 tracks 1h 10 min
48 tracks 1h 50 min

It would be too easy to cheat on your time and to put yourself close to a top 5. That way, you will be sure the best times are real. Those time are good, but not too high

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It's a good suggestion, but I myself would make the time limit a bit lower. Or at least within a certain time range of WR. Then again, I don't want to discourage new runners to post their times who don't possess the necessary recording tools, though it's not hard to just film with a webcam/phone etc. I'll keep the top 5 rule for now, but of course, I'm open for change and a better way to maintain the legitimacy of the leaderboards if more people agree with the standard of requiring video proof if you are within a certain time range.


I tried to have my time range close enough of the WR but far enough to have some legitimacy. I am within 10 minutes of all WR. Maybe on 16 tracks run that could be lower

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Disclaimer: I have already sad this in a different thread but I'll say it here too to just make it clear.
I don't think anyone is trustworthy of not submitting a fake time. No matter if it's a top 5 time or not, weather it's made on emulator or not it doesn't change the trust worthyness of the player. Not posting a video is pure nonsense and it's not anyone else's problem you don't have a capture card. Just because someone claims not having anything to record with or doesn't even want to record doesn't mean we need to accept runs with no proof.

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