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Hey all, long time no post! My school term just ended today and I'm super excited to get back into improving my times over the summer.

There's something I never thought of until just now when I was cleaning up my stream layout... How strict are the rules with regards to track order for 200cc 48-tracks no-items? The only "detailed" ruleset that I can find is here ( and not only is it really ambiguous, it doesn't even apply to 200cc.

So far I've just been doing the same as everyone else - starting on Mushroom Cup, doing 32 tracks, then the final 16 starting from Egg Cup. However, thinking about it I would REALLY like to switch to doing the 16 DLC tracks starting with Egg Cup, then doing the remaining 32 tracks starting from Mushroom Cup for a few reasons:

1) It avoids that annoying results screen because after the DLC tracks you just quit the race.
2) It puts the tracks that I suck at most at the start, so if I lose a run to them I don't have to waste an extra hour redoing the tracks that I'm best at.
3) It puts the most nostalgia-inducing track as the final race. Lol. 😛
4) It looks nice to have an actual "game end" screen at the end of a speed run. Aesthetics are imporant... right? 🙄

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Haven't started running this game yet (starting this week) but, I'm sure it doesn't matter what order you the cups in as long as you complete all 32 (or 48 in this scenario) tracks. People probably start at Mushroom Cup as the cursor automatically defaults there on cup choice and it's pretty easy just to hit right or down for next cup.

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It technically would be faster to do dlc tracks first because you do the scrolling before the run in which you can just mash a to start the mushroom cup. Would only save a few sec but still.


Alternatively, you can use the gamepad to instantly select Egg Cup without any of the scrolling or mashing through the menu. Simply you just touch the Egg Cup option and you're there.

I think in Quinn's PB run for 48 tracks Itemless, he actually quits out after the 16th track, in his case it's Rainbow Road (MK8), and then starts his 32 tracks from Moo Moo Meadows until Big Blue. Which ends up saving time skipping the results screen. I don't see it having much use for Items runs as you pretty much lose that timesave, but for Itemless runs it definitely should be worth doing that strat for 48 tracks.

But it ultimately really doesn't matter what order you do the tracks in, as long as you do them all once.


It's game changing and needs to be banned.


Rhodechill - Why should it be banned? Just want to hear your reasoning behind it.


Thanks for the input! I think I'm going to go ahead and swap my track order around. If it does end up being disallowed then that's fine, I'm mostly running for my own personal times anyway - being able to post alongside other people is just a nice perk. 🙂

In terms of the track select stuff, I generally use the touch pad so there's no time save there. At most I would only be saving a small handful of seconds by skipping the results screen. For the most part I just want to re-order the tracks so I can more reliably play the ones that I'm bad at during actual runs.

Also, I get the impression Rhodechill was just being facetious, though I very well could be mistaken. 🙄


It's not necessarily banned, but people have always prefered starting on Mushroom Cup and ending on Rainbow Road. Also people didn't feel like changing up their splits. Some people have done runs which started on Shell Cup before, since that is the most annoying cup. Feel free to swap the order, just make sure you clear all cups. As for the ruleset image, I had plans to change it up a little but I completely forgot about it. My idea is to just manualy write the rules down for each category.

Rhodechill: It doesn't affect the game's RNG or what so ever. Its the same as Mega Man speedrunners doing stages in different orders due to either difficulty or time saves. Therefor it has no reason to be not allowed.