Amped Up.
4 months ago

Hello World.

Basically, I have been playing Amped Up a lot. The romhack w/ custom MK64 levels. I saw the Amped Up page on here was really messed up. The times were literally backwards with the slowest times first etc. So i messaged the mod and then he left so I applied and was accepted.

TL:DR version. The Amped Up page is getting fixed and it would be nice to have more players there. I'm getting a lot of gold metals I probably don't deserve. The game is really excellent I highly recommend trying it. Look for one of the later versions ... the earlier ones dont even have a special cup. Let me know if you have any questions, or delete this I guess if it's too off topic LOL.

P.S I will be trying some "no skip" runs on the [normal] MK64, steep competition though!

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