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We are looking to add verifiers/moderators who are willing to undergo the task of load-time removal. This is a very tedious task, so please only put your name forward if you think you are ready for it.

For example, the moderation process would involve - at the very least - downloading every video and using a video processing tool (such as Avidemux) to find the time stamps of every start/end load time segment in a run.

We already have 2 volunteers so far. I am skeptical that we have enough, but we are in discussions on the logistics of how to proceed. If this works out and everyone is happy with their positions we may be able to combine all or most of the platforms into a single category.

Please reply to this post or contact me on discord if you are interested in helping out.

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Hi, I would like to help. However I think what would be better is do what Power Rangers Battle for the Grid and now recently Killer Instinct 2013 are doing. That is to look at runs and use the total of all stage times for IGT. Because of that Outworld and I were able to greatly simplify the game to not worry about your platform. The same could be done for MK 11.

I know it would be a huge task to look thru runs and add them up, but I did it for KI 2013 and would like to help as a verifier mod. I could do the Xbox One runs.

As an example Kromer's Xbox One Klassic Tower Very Easy is 2:28 IGT because 9 10 8 9 12 13 8 9 12 8 11 38 = 148 (120 is 2 mins and plus 28 would be 2:28)

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Yep. This idea has been thrown around a few times.

However there are a couple of other factors here which kind of make it a bit "iffy".

1. Randomly, the timer on MK11 doesnt start at 240. Sometimes it starts at 239, sometimes at 240 and it seems completely random. This means the IGT will often require the verifier to do double the effort, checking both the start and end times of each round and making the calculation accordingly.

2. The in game timer pauses during Crushing blows, Fatal Blows and certain environment interactions. This means the amount of time spent in the round won't really be accurate to the In-game timer.

3. It doesnt factor in milliseconds in case of a tie. When two runners have the same IGT we normally prefer to have a deciding factor that would break the tie, but that wouldn't be possible in this case.

Having said that, I'm still kind of open to this method despite its drawbacks. Since it would probably just be better than what it is now. Each time this method has been brought up though, someone has more or less objected to the idea and we could never really reach a consensus on it.

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Hey tenka, the firs item isn't random, but at least for me it would not be great to use that method, because it would make faster strategies actually lower, and the dependency of 950hp characters on the very easy category would be even bigger

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