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1. Can there be a 5 level tower as a variable for klassic tower then 12 and 18. 2. last suggestion is please add PS5 and series X/S for the level runs


1. I think the Leaderboards are already pretty packed. Maybe there can be a Level Leaderboard for different Towers.
2. Yah we def need PS5/Xbox Series/Stadia sub categories for Level Leaderboards.

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Aye I forgot about the IL board for PS5/XboxSX/Stadia, I'll add those now.

And yeah, pretty much adding the other towers fragments the leaderboard much more than it needs to be. On top of that the Novice/Warrior towers don't really change much to the speedrun apart from it essentially being a "shorter run".

I would be down to add Novice/Warrior Towers if we had some way of combining the platforms, therefore reducing the number of categories to compensate. But the only way to do that is to either let it be grossly unfair (due to insane load times on the newer consoles) or have people removing Load Times on each run.

If we had a solid team of people ready to take on the task of load removal on all of the runs (something like 4-5 people at least) then I could see that being an option. So far it's something no one wants to do, and I can tell you from experience that it is a big job and I'm sure as hell not going to do it on my own.

Maybe in the future if the community for this game becomes more involved and we can assemble a strong team willing to take on the role, it can become an option then.

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