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Hi guys,
We were in talks a while back about a load time removal method so that we can combine platforms on MK11.
The technicalities of doing this sort of fell apart on us.
However I'd like to hear opinions on going for an "in-game-time" calculation method.

To do this we would simply take the in-game timer of each round in your run and subtract the starting value:
e.g. if at the end of the round you had a 231 and the timer started at 240, then that would be 9 seconds. Add together those values for every round in your run and we would have the total time of your run.

The downsides, however:

1. The in game timer pauses during Krushing blows, Fatal Blows and certain environment interactions. This means the amount of time spent in the round won't really be accurate to the In-game timer. So, this could actually change up what would be "optimal gameplay" for the run. It may actually mean that routing to include a Krushing Blow or Fatal Blow might give you an "incidental time gain" because it would pause the in-game timer, thus gaining you time.

2. It doesnt factor in milliseconds in case of a tie. When two runners have the same IGT we normally prefer to have a deciding factor that would break the tie, but that wouldn't be possible in this case.

3. It would also eliminate the "Fatality sequence" completely as well, so it wouldnt actually matter how you delivered that final hit during the "finish him" section, as the timer stops before it. It would also mean you could just .. do a fatality and not be penalized by it

I realize this method is going to make things a little wierd "in a speedrun sense" since it wont really reflect an accurate measurement of the run as a whole. However it should cover most of the important aspects of gameplay and most importantly it would be a feasible way to allow us to combine all platforms under 1 leaderboard.

Anyway, let us know what you think by replying to this post and/or talking to us on Discord.

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Could that be done to Injustice 2 too?


Hey tenka, we can't do that, because the timer on the second round depends exclusively on the timer that you finish the first round, it's a little bit hard for me to explain hou that works, mainly because i'm not fluent in english, but if tou need i can try to explain

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@Arcoverde13Arcoverde13 I understand. I few people on Discord also pointed out to me some other issues with this method - actually Krushing Blows not counting towards time could impact the main strategy far more than I expected as some characters have very easy Krushing Blows that do a lot of damage.

As I explained on Discord though, I want to make sure everyone has a say and we will only go ahead with it if the majority agrees with it. However, so far the response has seemed exclusively negative to this idea, so its looking like we probably wont be going ahead with it. Thanks for the feedback.

Nevertheless, I'm still willing to hear all opinions on the matter. Everyone else is welcome to post their thoughts. Keep in mind that opinions of actual runners of the game will carry far more weight than that of the opinions of bystanders/ non-runners.


@WoolphiWoolphi I can't speak for Injustice 2 as I don't mod it.

@TheKombatKingTheKombatKing and @NerdyNesterNerdyNester are welcome to give it a try over there if it is suitable for that game. I would recommend taking the discussion over to the forums of Injustice 2 though, just to keep things on topic.