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Wanted to start a new discussion around changing the rules for Any% & 100%. So currently the rules of submitting a run is starting at first input [sda timing] and ending when the victory cutscene begins when you win the arctic pursuit race w/ 125 tokens.

I wish to vouch for an alteration, I believe the reason why we do Arctic Pursuit in the first place is to be able to trigger the Bronze medal cutscene which will only trigger after completing the race, however I believe the 125 token rule isn't a necessity. You are able to lose the race or win without 125, after selecting return to Main Menu the cutscene will play anyways, wanted to discuss if its worth changing the timing rules (previous existing runs would only lose around 5-10 seconds). I vouch for Win/Lose race w/o 125 requirement

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Not really active in this community so I don't know how much y'all would value my input, but I agree totally. I don't know why there are extra stipulations for Any% in the first place, generally Any% just means "beat the game as fast as possible". Maybe change the Any% rules but make a new category for all tokens?