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1. I need someone to make or suggest an official map for speedrunning. It is official because I am calling it.
2. MAP rules for making a speedrun map:
a. Must not have natural oregen for no advantages for
lucky oregens
b. Must be playable in all difficulties
c. Must have enough resources to support super late game amounts such as 100K, or even 1MIL
3. Speedrunning categorization:
a. PC or Mobile, maybe even emulator
b. 1,10,100,1K,10K,100K,1MIL amounts of a certain resource times
c. Fastest Wave Round (May sound silly but in order to get more rounds to come faster, you need to kill enemies faster which can be challenging at times especially while building)
d. Difficulties
e. Freebuild/Waves
f. Feel free to suggest categorizations and other things
4. Please make me a moderator to change this different style of speedrunning
5. Of course, I would continue this for 4.0
6. After the selection for the Official Speedrunning Map, I will do my best to send an example as the speedrun for 1 Dirium

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Ok I am interested in what you will do


For the difficulty there may be changes to make, what I was told there is no difference between the difficulties, just there is less time between the waves. (purge is something else)


For the moment nothing is waiting confirmation, because Easy Normal Hard insane is the same


also, why is the timer start on new game, y not when the game loads


it's to prove which map and what difficulty the Runner to use, to avoid cheating

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