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Just to let anyone who wants to run a certain quest know that yes all quests will be added but since there's hundreds of them this will take some time. I will be adding them in order from Village 1¤ - 6¤, Guild 1¤ - DLC and then last but not least the arena quests.

If you've done any runs whilst the quest isn't on this leaderboard yet, keep hold of the video and/or image for when it does get added.

Thank you for your patience ^^


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Status as of before I have become mod:
- Village Quests: All Large Monster
- Guild Quests: 1 & 2 Star Large Monsters

Status as of 13.10.16:
- Village Quests: All Large Monster | Rest on Request in this thread
- Guild Quests: All
- Arena: All
- Special Permit: All
- Event: On Request in this thread

If you want a quest listed, post it in this thread, WITH a video of the run or a picture of the in-mission time after the quest is done (i.e. all small monsters slain or all items/eggs delivered)

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Event quest Moonlit Tryst thanks much 😃