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Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate Forum  /  Voting for a DLC Split in Village Any% Glavenus and About Time Manipulation

Like the title says. We're here to vote on two things.
First thing to vote on, Splitting Any% in Galevnus to have DLC or no DLC.
This is self explanatory, should any% allow the Free DLC items provided?

Second thing is Timer Manipulation for IL runs.
This is when a runner utilizes loading screens to manip the in game timer (IGT) to thinking the time isn't going down while the new monsters load on the map so the quest time doesn't reflect what the quest looked like.
This might make it so IL's will need full videos to prove that no manip has been done.

Please keep in mind these few things BEFORE you post.
Calling out runners and mods are out of the question. Remember, we are all human, and we can disagree with each other without taking shots. So please read you own arguments carefully that they do not do that.

Feel free to post as much or as little as you want. You can post just "Yes/No for Split", or "Yes/No for Timer manip". There is no need to show a argument, a vote is a vote.

If you want to elaborate, feel free to post what you want in regards for your argument. Give your reason why. If you have no say, feel free to say that as well. But I would love to hear from any and all runners of the game. Just don't post against others.

Most importantly, remember that this is not a discussion forum. this is for a vote, so don't make more than one post. I would like to see this just be a vote, the argument on WHY, and that is it.
If needed, we can make a discussion thread as well so we can keep this one clean so we can easily keep track of the votes on each side as well as peoples arguments.

We'll have the vote go on for a week. Starting from 2pm EST today (June 22nd) to 2pm EST of June 29th.


Yes split for Dlc and Non Dlc
No for no time manipulation

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I've been informed there's runs for No DLC, so:
Aye! In favour of splitting the Category.

Timer Manipulation:
Ban, split it off into a subcategory or filter, and enforce video-proof.


No for split because of the DLC
My main argument is that the DLC, even without Nintendo Switch Online can be accessed and downloaded and used by all, so there is no pay wall of sorts to block access to it. If people want to run it with no dlc, that is a choice, but its still the same game, Its just different means to complete the run.

Timer Manipulation
I'm for not allowing it. So I'll vote no for allowing it.
Heck, before a bit ago, I never even knew this was a thing. :x


Absolutely in favour of splitting the categories.
This is what I wrote in the previous thread, and it still stands.

"The idea that since it's available to everyone means that the non-DLC category should be obsolete shows a total disregard to the content of the runs themselves. The DLC included run is a heavy mathematics-based run that relies mostly on good menuing, good mental monitoring of how much health the monster has, and very careful prep. The non-DLC run has a much heavier focus on player skill as opposed to using the items from the DLC packs to nuke the daylights out of helpless AI for 3 hours straight."

For timer manipulation, absolutely should not be allowed.

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I'll leave a short and concise reply. (but I then proceed to type 2 paragraphs lol) I am in favor of allowing timer manipulation for the sole reason that banning it might set the standards for proof too high which can be a turn off to a lot of people. It'll be a lot of hassle to go through and talk to everyone about the issue because spotting the use is impossible with current proof standards. So I'll propose something small as well that borrows from TA ruleset. Showing page 1/2/3/4 of quest info and all pages of the "status" screen showing the armor set and skills which can make it possible for anyone who knows how to run damage calculations to prove with maths and numbers whether or not timer manipulation was not used on multi monster runs.

As for DLC split, as a former runner of both MHX any% dlc and any% no dlc I can tell you from experience that the reason a split is being asked for has nothing to do with accessibility. The gameplay on a DLC run is all bombs+sleep coat bow and the gameplay is very minimal. As a speedrunner, you wanna go fast sure, but the strategies get very boring when impactful gameplay is cut down to a minimum in favor of maths and bombs. I'd just like everyone to consider this side of the argument instead of brushing off the fact that the run will be very much so different without the use of DLC palico and item packs. Saying "if you want to run without DLC then run without DLC" is basically like saying "play the game the way you want to play it, but even if you put in 100,000 hours of practice you will be incapable of getting WR because of how different the runs are"
So my vote is in favor of DLC/No DLC category split, if you need me to do a run to take my claims more seriously give me a bit of time because relearning a speedrun route takes quite a long time and I'm currently busy with real life stuff, but I'd be more than happy to do that and share my notes and english route that I've worked on for both categories.


No - Time Manip IL

After thinking about it, promoting a faster time and going fast is the idea of speedruning so why separate an already small-ish community, something along the lines of adding a variable to the board similar to which weapon or style you used would be a beneficial way to differentiate without major separation


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Yes for split

I personally find it discouraging to run routes that won't be comparable at the board they are posted at and I can see that for other people too. It could get people to do no DLC runs, who wouldn't do it otherwise. The routes are vastly different for obvious reasons, so I see no harm in it. And I've seen people do those runs before, so it's not like splitting the category for no reason with the result being a new empty leaderboard.

No for allowing Time Manip

regarding the "adding a hurdle to submit runs" argument - that's true. But I feel like anyone can do atleast a potato cam setup where they tape their phone to the wall or something, its not like saying you have to buy a expensive capture card. On another note I feel like having video proof for your runs is a standard that should be established nowdays, dont know if thats a bit naive but my point of view anyways. That being said, I dont mind another IL board or rather subcategory(variable) for runs without video proof with the premise, every run on there could have used it, but we don't know.


I am in favor of splitting the categories.

Having more categories gives people more options for fun ways to speedrun a game they love. Certain people will obviously prefer one category over the other, but the popularity between two categories will change over time as runners compete with each other when their times get close.

Imagine only having any% as a category, in any game. Once somebody gets a really good time and no new strats are found it will become a dead game.

New strats can also be found for different categories from playing other categories. The more ways to play the game there are, the more ways to run the game there are. It's a no-brainer.


Yes for Split and Yes to Timer manip and enforce video proof on the ils that can use it. 😊


So with time closing on the poll, I should wrap this up.

Big thank you to those who put in their opinion, as well one other user who sent me a message to vote. From what I can gather above here are the results.

For splitting the categories it is 7 yes, and 2 no and 1 N/A

For Timer Manipulation, it is 7 for ban it, 2 allow (might be reading one wrong) and one N/A
As well, a few comments about forcing videos to show the entire hunt, unless the entire hunt can be put into a 30 second clip (Switch capture's length).

So it looks like we will be splitting the leaderboard for the any% categories to DLC/No DLC

And it looks like we will ban timer manipulation for hunts. which, by proxy would mean a potential wipe of non full runs of IL's and we will have to lean into having full video runs on the IL Leaderboard from start to finish.

Unless I forgot a vote, or misread a post, I'm pretty sure this means we know which direction to take the leaderboard. So That will be up for the super mods to make the needed changes.

Thanks again for everyone voting on these issues.

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