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True Ending (NG+ Any%) Guide

By SRGTsilentSRGTsilent Last updated

True Ending (NG+ Any%) Guide:
Thanks to @KinighosKinighos for additional Routing/Testing



Pre-Run Setup

MSF Soldier Stats & Traits:
Soldier Traits

Choose two MSF soldiers, one male, one female, w/ High Reload & High Movement Speed, minimum A rank and at least 2 of the below, though Engineer & PWM are the recommended combination if possible.
SWAT (SWAT) is dangerous for coop but allows bump rolls to be performed easily.
GREEN BERET (グリーンベレー) is SWAT without bump rolls and instead extra damage to humans and monsters like an engineer.
PRO WRESTLING MANIAC (プロレスマニア) allows for a faster Naruto grab and recovery time, you also recover stamina while under an alert phase.
ENGINEERING (工作員) allows for faster C4 and a 10% chance to do x3 extra damage on mechs/vehicles
VOICE ACTOR (声優) extends the duration of Battle Cries; from 1.1 to 1.15 times as much. Recommended if running Kotodama Effects.

If doing coop:
SIDEKICK (腰巾着) is a guaranteed A-Rank or lower for COOP but irrelevant otherwise

If using Battle Cries & Kotodama Effects:
English Coop Comm Effects
English Coop Comm List
Japanese Coop Comms

The suggested full game Kotodama Effects are:
"Here Goes!!" "(行くぞ!!)" [145k Heroism] under "Sneaking/Stealth" for speed boosts
"I'm ready to go!!/!!!" "(やるぞ!!/ !!!)" [145k < ???k < 189k / 370k Heroism] under "Recovery" for psyche recovery
"GO! GO! GO!!!" "(GO! GO! GO!!!)" [190k Heroism] under "Sneaking/Stealth" for coop speed boosts
"I'm with ya!!/!!!" "(俺がついてる!!/ !!!)" [195k / 440k Heroism] under "Recovery" for coop psyche recovery
"Down on the Ground!!!" "(落ちろ!!!)" [330k Heroism] under "Attack" for small area clears
"Surrender!!" "(降伏しろ!!)" [500k Heroism] under "Attack" for instant room clears

Note that these must be turned on and instantly invalidate any S-Rank chances if used while on.
Additionally, you may only take 4 active Battle Cries at any time in addition to sidekick.
If you do not have the suggested tier, using a lower tier is recommended for the Psyche and Speed comms.

Zeke Manipulation:
1. Make sure Zeke has no additional parts equipped, his AI is irrelevant. Some Custom Heads are easier to hit then others, choose the one that's easiest for you. Chrysalis is the preferred head.
2. Deploy Zeke to high ranking outer ops alone and get it's HP down low, then deploy it to low ranking ones to get it to as close to 1% as possible/comfortable. Backup saves & reload the game as needed.
3. Back your save files up if & when you can. Setting this up multiple times is a pain and time consuming.
4. Either leave Zeke in the deployment unit (must remove during the run) or pull Zeke out and remove all R&D team members so that Zeke heals 1% per mission. This will set each of Zeke's five parts to 33% HP when you fight it, while leaving its total HP at 100%.
5. Aim for the Head/Legs to break them much faster and deal additional damage sooner.

Fatigues Setup:
Battle Dress w/ Helmet or Stealth Suit (Left D-Pad x3[+1]):
[For Peace Walker 2 w/ Engi]:
Ration 5
F. Curry
Mate 5
Rescue Box
2nd Rocket of Choice
Chaff Grenades

Snake or Pink Fatigues (Left D-Pad x2 or Right D-Pad x1):
[If all Camos In Between, else use similar fatigues]:
Ration 5
Rescue Box 5
Stealth (invalidates S-Rank)
Mate 5
F. Curry
Rocket Launcher Or Machine Gun of Choice
Second Lethal Weapon of Choice
Fulton Mines [For Eliminate the Guards]

Naked (Tiger) Fatigues (Left D-Pad x1):
[If all Camos In Between, else use similar fatigues]:
[Set this loadout up on both male and female]
[Start Engineer on this loadout]
Ration 5
Rescue Box 5
Mate 5
Second Lethal Weapon of Choice
Chaff Grenades

Swimsuit Loadout (Green Beret / SWAT):
[Start run on this loadout]
Mate 5
Rescue Box 5
I.D. Card (H)
Twin Barrel (R) (STN) 5 or Mk.22 5
- This guide assumes Twin Barrel
C4 Any
Grenades Any

Swimsuit Loadout (Engineer):
Soliton Radar 5
Rescue Box 5
Mate 5
Carl Gustav (FR) 5
Stun Grenades Any
Grenades Any

- Pull out all members of the combat unit, except your chosen two soldiers, so that no soldiers get stat improvements and no volunteers join; This lets the cursor stay on mission deploy instead of mother base outside of if you get mech parts (rest of the run), medical (once) or volunteers (rest of the run) and makes swapping soldiers faster when that part of the run comes up.
- Timing Starts on entering Opening and ends on final hit on Zeke
- Practice using the L2 to end box, D-Pad down to stand, and X to roll into load zones. Also practice using Kotodama effects while playing. Be careful about knocking yourself unconscious.
- Setting up an Engineer is optional, but can save time on all Mechs but the LAV, biggest use is PW2 & Zeke.
- Make sure both soldiers you will be using are set to the correct uniform to save time.



Opening / Investigate the Supply Facility:
Skip Everything
Long Throw grenade to blow gate
Skip Everything
Head to the left and take the middle path up
In the next room head down the middle and take a slightly precise shot
as the guard turns, run forward and run up the stairs
Simple run through the final guard hugging the right side
QTE: R1 Mash Triangle R1 R1

Contact the Sandinista Comandante:
Go left around the truck and box boost this and the next room
Box boost through the middle of the 3rd room to trigger an alert
Enter stealthed, clean room; mission ends on caution or less
press shoot to win during QTE, skip after 3rd shot

Pursue Amanda:
Turn around and box boost
twin barrel x2 and box boost
box boost to bridge, knocking over guard (sharp left)
cross bridge, boosting through guard, stealth next room
box boost or run through final room, blowing gate; can end during alert

Armored Vehicle Battle: LAV-Type G:
Naked Fatigues (Left D-Pad x1)
M47 and fire, can 1 shot if hit on left,
if not 1 shot, m202 finish
Skip till QTE, Shoot the Kidnapper

Rescue Chico:
Swimsuit (Right D-Pad x1)
Need to avoid caution!
boost to and hold up guy 1, boost out of room
boost to guy 2 and stealth till tree, hold up both, boost once at end
alternatively, can box boost through entire room, left side, then right.
Stealth check each door, in front then right then left again, mash triangle

Pursue the Jungle Train:
Box boost through the room to the wall, hugging the buildings
drop box, climb over in coop or roll in solo, collect box, equip box
boost through this long room after twin barreling the first guy
take first ladder, roll over railing, run to end, reload gun if needed
Skip cutscene, stealth shotgun all 5 guys in 4 shots

Tank Battle: T-72U:
Naked Fatigues
x2 M47 or x1 M47 & x4 M202

Destroy the Barricade:
boost up stairs, stealth into room and roll railing, then boost out
boost to fence second room, guard on balcony should turn around
boost or stealth past last guys and equip c4
climb over and stealth to destructible wall
place C4 on right building and blow when against far building
stealth or boost to end of level trigger

Infiltrate the Crater Base:
Shoot bridge guy and guy below looking at you
boost, then use stealth when boost ends
on fort roof, roll over banister
can end this mission during any phase
Pick the 4th Truck on the Right '64779'

Pupa Battle:
Naked Fatigues
skip, M47 Body & M202 pod x3, final M202 into pod
skip and chill and skip some more

Travel to the Cloud Forest:
skip, box boost through first room and load zone
box boost to the ledge, roll and boost to the end
let x2 guards pass during alert and boost
can end this mission in any phase

Attack Chopper Battle: Mi-24A:
Skip, M47. Use M202 as desired.

Head for the Lab:
hug right wall and box boost the first 2 rooms
Roll diagonally at the slope to get up the ledge
shotgun the first guy, boost, line up a double shit, boost

Locate the ID Card:
check order Waterfall, Hillside, Jungle
shotgun first 3 guys, reload, and boost when you can
Hold up all three guards and snipers in the 2nd room
Shoot both snipers in the 3rd room into waterfall
alerts don't matter while looking, but they do for ending the mission
Shotgun Orange coat to knock him out and body check him
If running Pro Wrestler CQC him to make him drop the card
box boost back until Bottom of Cliff, then stealth camo for no alert
Box boost if you feel safe but don't risk getting an alert
skip x3, QTE: L1, L1, R1, R1, L1, R1, Right, (Triangle, [Left, R1]), skip

Chrysalis Battle:
Naked Fatigues [This is the earliest point swapping to an Engineer has value]
Chrys always dodges up left, M47, throw chaff, M47 if still alive

Travel to the Mine Base:
Box Boost to the end through the 2nd guard

Eliminate the Guards:
Snake/Pink Fatigues (x1 Left D-Pad or x2 Right D-Pad)
Alternatively use any outfit you feel comfortable in
There is a barricade in the middle, above the lower door
spawns are fixed as long as you are fixed as well
Slope, Slope, Ladder, Slope, Ladder
If they have a red skull be sure to kill them fully
If you have free time, set a fulton mine down for a group

Cocoon Battle:
x2-3 M47 for Thermostat Malfunction. Aim at top of cannon
There is a precise spot above and to the left of the left turret
This spot can instantly put Cocoon into Thermo malfunction
Head over to right water tower and wait by it
box boost onto cocoon and M202 the armor to break
climb after the steam sound, M202 the Pod and enter

Infiltrate the Underground Base:
Hold up left guy to squeeze by and press elevator twice
Shoot anyone in your way if you need
boost through the whole second room
Stealth past the last two shield guys
Mash R1 (or any button that isn't right) in the cutscene

Torture Chamber Escape:
skip and mash x3, walk to mirror for jigsaw
equip and lineup at cell and crouch when front guy turns
watch guy in back, the moment he turns you can start
go away from them and run up to the guard on the corner
be sure to be on the left side of the floor line
when he backs away in awe stop running and press the CQC button to grab
throw him into a wall to instantly knock him out
do a wide loop and take the far side of the hall to the door once safe
If the guard who comes to investigate sees snake and stops,
wait for him to turn and throw him down or into a wall.
If the 1st guard turns early, either bum rush him and slam him quick or hide
then slam him and the 2nd guard will have his back turned towards you
Roll behind a pillar if the last guy may see you, as he is very close now
Wait for the caution before moving if needed as he puts his back to you

Head for Peace Walker's Hangar:
Cut diagonally through box boosting and stealth
hug right on the second room while boosting or stealth
boost in the third room no further then the guard & stealth roll over rail
If you trigger an alert you may need to open the gate again, but can squeeze under it

Peace Walker Battle:
Naked Fatigues
boost under peace walker and aim for the Head/Pod, x2 M47 Missiles
no need to mash for missiles, you only lose 6 frames if you get hit but try to dodge em
Do mash for the trees though as every tree loses 10 frames if you tank it
In addition the slower you mash the more likely more trees will spawn, up to 8
The first four trees are scripted Left Right Left Left and you have 25 frames to react
Repeat the missiles, this time 4 times instead of 3

Infiltrate the U.S. Missile Base:
Equip stealth since its in the fatigues 4th slot
box to first guy and cut diagonal after holdup or stealth
stealth through throw a chaff, drop down and box boost
climb up the ladder and stealth through room 1
Stealth around the pit, throw a chaff, and boost after stairs
Stealth through 3rd room and throw a chaff, then drop and boost
climb up, holdup/kill guard if needed, boost through hallway

Head to the Control Tower:
Use any outfit you feel comfortable in
Run, shoot, boost, & survive through the gauntlet
Make sure you break both kidnappers in the first room
If you shoot the kidnappers in the 3rd room look away
In the 4th room be sure to turn around and shoot the kidnapper
Don't reload till after you press climb stairs and use elevators
take out the helo asap, the M47 can miss if you lock-on so be mindful
If your weapons leaves people in dying, kill them in full

Peace Walker Battle 2:
Battle Dress (w/ Helmet) [This is the latest point to swap to an Engineer]
Peace walker is scripted to do certain attacks at health thresholds
Optimal damage placement will skip the "Launching S-Mines" phase
Best strat is to fire at the head, then the thin metal knee
This should make PW jump into the middle for a free M47
M47 once in the water and again as its climbing out for 2 bars
Attempt to time a shot that hits as PW tries to jump to skip S-mines
skip, then move the cursor left one and start ripping out boards
To do this fast, hold the analog up/down and mash X, skip again

Peace Walker Battle 3:
Swimsuit but swap to CG (FL) if not on Engineer loadout.
Optionally, add NVG if worried
Skip and chill for ~2 minutes

Zadornov Search Mission:
Immediately boost through the guard and head right
Check the boathouse shed corner and fire a shot into the 2nd floor latch
If not there reset and Check Banana Sorting Shed [x3 locations]
box boost through first two screens and stealth 3rd

Zadornov Search Mission 2:
x2 Spawn locations behind logs, 1st immediately left
second is along the left wall, he is hidden behind, shoot the upright tree
If he isn't in the 1st screen, hes up the stairs in the 2nd

Zadornov Search Mission 3:
box boost through first room and stealth
after guards pass, boost into waterfall
Check waterfall on a middle tree (can see hand)
In the 2nd room check the back side of the right wall
In the 3rd room boost up the left side and check the last curved wall
In the last room you must go inside and turn left, then check a wall for him

Zadornov Search Mission 4:
Avoid triggering a caution and head to prison camp
There is an extra guard in the 1st room and the sniper is moved in the 2nd
Check the same doors as Chico until you find him

Zadornov Search Mission 5:
Make your way to the mountain base, same truck
just as before no need for caution

Zadornov Search Mission 6:
Shoot at the box downwind by hitting the roof or wall inside face
go down and shoot the wall by the shed, box climb over the wall
if both missed run through the middle instead of climb and turn left

ZEKE Battle:
M47 the head, try to fire before it locks on
If you set up the Zeke manip, this should almost one shot
Alternate M202 when desired to save time
Watch out for Zeke moving randomly and never chaff


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