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NG First Ending Route

By Valyssa0Valyssa0 Last updated

These are my notes for the run that only include the bare essentials. Later on, I will make a version that goes into detail. For now, you'll have to watch a run to figure out where to go and what to do (which I highly recommend you'd do anyway).

Currently the route only says how many soldiers to fulton per mission, and that's because it doesn't matter a ton which ones you get so there's some personal preference involved. Usually going for anyone who's directly in your way will get you very close to that number, so there will be a few left for you to choose. Whether you want to get the guy who takes 2.5 seconds to get, or the one who takes 3 seconds to get but is easier to knock out, is up to you.

All the staff you acquire throughout the run have pretty consistent stats, but they do vary a bit. WIth this route you should always have more than enough staff to develop the C Gustav before Cocoon. In theory you could get less, but then you risk it not being developped quickly enough despite meeting its requirements.

Hopefully this will help more people get into speedrunning this game.

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