File on Big Boss Pace, at Liquid during act 5. Ver.2, created on 9-04-2018, NTSC-U (BLUS30109G5B0F5921) (direct download)
A pack containing the following: All 5 difficulties of MGS4, New Game, Ver.2, NTSC-U, 2:33 IGT. LE-BBH were created on 2-24-2020. TBE was created on 8-24-2020. LE (BLUS30109G5E543F99) NN (BLUS30109G5E5441C7) SN (BLUS30109G5E5443D7) BBH (BLUS30109G5E5448DB) TBE (BLUS30109G5F4420C0) (direct download)
contains 74 different saves, split into difficulty packs or an all-in-one folder for MGS4 on NTSC 2.0 (direct download)
This has Big Boss camo, Solar Gun, all face masks, and stocked up on ammo. It doesn't have every weapon/item, only the essential ones needed for current run. Some weapons aren't essential to NG+ runs (javelin, etc) but I grabbed them for the NG playthrough. Created: 9/27/2020 on Ver.2 for NTSC-U (direct download)
NG+ Save at Epilogue, Contains Every Weapon/Item, song, emblem, DLC camo, and tons of Ammo & Drebin points; Ver.2, created on 8-31-2019, NTSC-U (BLUS30109G5D6B0046) (direct download)
(direct download)
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