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Eu posso usar o nostalgia nes de celular? Ele usa 95% da ingine do fcuex


My Portuguese is not great, but if I'm reading correctly the question is if the Nostalgia emulator run on a mobile device is allowable for a submission. Mods?

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Nostalgia = nestopia? I've never heard of nostalgia if that's actually what is meant.


Nostalgia is a Mobile phone emulator that according to the description claims uses the most up-to-date revision of FCEUX. So it's a different emulator from Nestopia.


Mais minha duvida não foi respondida eu posso usar?


I need to know which emulators are valid.


As far as I know, all Emulators are fine until you start getting into top level runs. Once you start putting up competitive times in this game, I would suggest using OEM hardware and playing on original console. I'm not sure the rate the emulator plays the game at, but that would have to be accounted for. I can do more research on this, but for competitive times, playing on console ensures the games frame rate is correct and that there are not issues with the game lagging less than on original console. Any other mods that have any other input on this?