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So I decided to embark on this journey finally. I am doing 100% but with no screen wrapping. or glitches I guess. like I'm doing the varia bomb jump. Which category should I post my runs in when I get to that point? I don't see a glitchless category unless I'm just not seeing it... thank you for your time. 🙂

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100% NMG under Category Extensions.

The Rules:
Objective: Collect every item, defeat both Ridley and Kraid, and complete the game.
Item list: 21 Missile Tanks, 8 Energy Tanks, Morph Ball, both Ice Beams, Bombs, Varia Suit, Wave Beam, Screw Attack, High Jump, and Long Beam.

Banned: Door-jumping/wraps, block clips. Basically stay out of the walls. Also, this is Deathless so you may not die or use Up+A to skip sections.
Allowed: Unmorph Jump (i.e Mid-air Jump), sequence breaks, anything not explicitly banned.

You could also do Any% or the 100% cats, but without the screen wraps and such your time wouldn't be "competitive."


You'll find NMG (no major glitches) categories of various sorts in the category extensions link in the sidebar. NMG bans wrapping and block clips so that's probably the closest you get to a glitchless category.