Emulator requirements
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Emulator requirements
Valencia, Spain

For all the people who might want to run on emulator, some requirements are needed for the runs to be valid.

Since this is a Metroid Fusion hack, we will stick to the rules of the original Metroid Fusion (which also sticks to the rules of Metroid Zero Mission).

Bizhawk with mGBA core and proper firmware must be used. You are also required to show which version of Bizhawk you're using. If any other emulator is used, you can only submit in-game time. Video of the entire run is required. At the start or the end of the run (note: End of the run means when IGT shows up), these things need to be shown:

  1. mGBA core selected
  2. Bizhawk version
  3. Proper firmware selected
  4. In addition to all of the above, a soft or hard reset must be visible at the beginning of the run in your submission video.

To configure and setup everything, you can follow this video:

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