Seperate Glitched from Glitchless Runs?
8 years ago
Rhode Island, USA

Hello I just started running this game a little bit and I find it confusing that some runs on the board are glitched and others are glitchess but they are not labeled as such. I think there should be seperate categories even though there aren't many runners of this game. What are your thoughts?

Västra Götaland, Sweden

I'm on the fence on this. If there is enough interest in a glitchless category for it I'll add it again. The only real glitch in this game (as far as I know) is the death/damage warp so I'm not sure if it would be considered arbitrary or not

Rhode Island, USA

Yeah I mean there doesn't seem to much interest in the game at all never mind changing the categories. But it would just be nice to see everyone's best times in both methods of play. I mean I'd like to separate great gameplay and accuracy, from exploiting a glitch to get a good time. For example, I'd like to see WhiteHat's best glitchless time to see how he stacks up against UraniumAnchor's 12:14 for example. Also, I don't intend to use the death warp so it doesn't make my time look competitive. Think about it I guess, but it seems most other games differentiate between glitched and glitchless and I'd like to see the same with Metal Storm.

Colorado, USA

If you're on the fence then I'm going to go ahead and just add it. Wrong Warp makes such a huge difference not only in the techniques but also in the time and reliability. (I don't think Wrong Warp is marathon safe at all for example) I know there's at least one run that's faster than my 12:14 in the no wrong warps category but I can't find it now, so if somebody wants to fix it up I'd appreciate it.

Rhode Island, USA

Awesome UA. Thanks for doing that. Now we can really see how the times stack up.

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