Hi guys, just an FYI (since I think some of you are not in the discord):

Since the load remover is now available (go into livesplit splits editor and hit activate; should work for all 3 games), I'm going to set all runs that didn't use it to have their time with loads = time without loads. Because, otherwise, runs with time without loads blank will get sorted to the bottom:

EX: run has 2:05:00 with loads and no time listed without loads
run 2 has 2:05:37 without loads and 2:15:00 with loads. Run 2 would actually show up higher placing on the leaderboards.

I may go back and try to manually actually count loads at some point for runs that didn't have the load remover available, but I'd just encourage you to beat your times using the load remover so you have a more accurate placing on the leaderboards.

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Please do keep in mind the load remover, for consistency purposes with the original trilogy, behaves similarly, pausing the timer during loads and during pre-rendered cutscenes.
If you have improvements to propose (like, autosplitting), feel free to ask me here or on discord. Thanks.

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I’m kind of new to the speedrun community and would like to ask a couple of things if that’s okay.

So I stream my runs on Twitch from the original Xbox One console while also not having a computer to use the livesplit or anything. Is there any other way to show an accurate reading while under these circumstances?


Hey, sorry for the delay in getting back to you.

We can get your "real time" just from looking at the video length, but yeah, without being on PC, there is no way to make use of the load remover.

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