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A few things I felt Like I needed to ask. Do you think it would be possible to add a Boss Rush category? Moreover, if such a category is added, would we categorize it by the characters ran with it, or any character?

I have a run that I would like to upload for it, but I am also not sure if I need to make a new run or if I can grab a piece of one of my live streams containing the run and submit that?

If I have to do a new one, I'd understand.

Edit: Also, do I need to have a timer set up for these runs specifically, or will the in game timer be fine?

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Boss Rush exists now. I legit don't know why it didn't exist earlier. Leaderboard has also been rejiggered so that character is now a subcategory of main categories to make it look a little more elegant. As with all leaderboards I manage, any character that doesn't have any runs at all will be hidden until they actually get a run.

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