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I'm just starting to learn how to speedrun the game and for this game I don't think watching a run will be enough. If there is any stuff in a run that can't be seen that'll help me out, can you please tell me how to do it, for example, ammo placements and such. The guide on this channel isn't also too good since it tells you where to go and not the things you need.


I think your best bet is combining the commentary from my sda run (, which you'll have to download and switch audio track to track 2 to get anything other than game sound, and then maybe just look at a few newer runs to see what's changed. Also could vary a bit based on what category you are planning on doing and with/without dlc. But honestly I disagree on your first statement, there is very little that you can't figure out by just copying a run. The missions I'd suggest listening to commentary for would be garrus's recruitment, mordin's recruitment, collector ship, derelict reaper and the suicide mission. I think most other stuff is fairly straightforward if you know the optimal (movement wise) pattern to take through the levels, which you can figure out from just watching any run.


I agree with letterswords. Listen to his commentary and watch some runs, that's the best way to learn the game. Just do some runs yourself and go back to other runs to watch the part where you really struggle. The game is pretty straight foreward.
If you intend to run NG No DLC I did not use some glitches during Tali's mission recruitment, so I suggest you to watch tentaclepie NG+ No DLC for that part.


Ok thanks for the fast reply


Hi, I have a question, simple ME2 deluxe edition in steam, is that with DLC or not?


It includes most DLC im pretty sure. Atleast all DLC you need for the speedrun for sure.