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Quick question here. On some jumps, particularly kickglitch chains in the prologue, I'm having problems with accidental wallboosting. The big one for me is the last jump in the easy chain. I don't touch my mouse during the jump from the left building to the last building, and I try to do as light of a scroll as possible from the KG getting over, but since you're right up against the last wall as you do it I end up wallboosting more often than not and falling. Is this just something where I need to practice precision? Is there some trick to ensuring you don't get a wallboost here, or do I just need to keep practicing to hit that KG frame without triggering a boost?

I use a g502 for this if that matters.

Thanks for any help!


You need alot of hours played doing kickglitches, and not just double kickglitches but ordinary kickglitches, to burn the timing into your brain. Then you'll get the prologue kickglitch easier.

Also you have a 53 minute any% time - honestly, you shouldn't be doing that kg chain until you get down to at least a 35 minute time. 🙂

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