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I have version 4 of the trainer which no longer works for some reason even though it recognizes my game. It says theres a new version so I tried to download it from the link and all of the download links I could find are dead. Also the discord invite link didn't work for me either so you might want to update that too


Did you check the resources page? Speedomter download works fine for me.
Also which discord link? because the one on the left, under guides is also working.

also, there is actually no newer version, it just says that.


Oh, both of the links that were broken for me were the ones from the stickied threads, not the sidebar. The sidebar links worked, thanks. The trainer still doesn't work for me unfortunately, any ideas for troubleshooting that? I'm running it as an administrator and it is picking up my game and displaying my location and stuff but none of the keybinds work. It used to work too and stopped for some reason and I'm not sure what changed.