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Hi everybody!
I'm super new to speedrunning, but I have always wanted to speedrun the Magical Drop Games. It is hard finding information on speedrunning these games, so I figured I would ask here.
The biggest questions I had are is there a specific emulator people use to emulate 2 and 3? Or would it be better to record playthroughs of the games on the virtual console versions on PS4? Is it better to stream attempts or just submit recordings we have had of runs? And lastly, do you always need a time counter on screen to submit a run?

Any help would be much appreciated.


Well each category has a rules on where to start and where to end the timer so onto the big topic: There's not much of a difference between emulator, arcade or VC in PS4 due to the games being pretty stable themselves. For attempts: It's up to you as long as you don't steal someone's else time and yes Time counter is needed to verify properly the run.