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My apologies for taking so long to upload my Hard Any% record. I got it back in September of 2018 but I'm really forgetful and lazy and never uploaded it.

I see there was recent discussion on the strats for hard. I've had sub 7 minutes for a while now but I didn't use the route previously suggested.

Devil, Lovers, and Justice do not need a reset. Star usually only requires one reset. Fool isn't an issue, and Hermit I find requires two resets to be beatable. From Judgement to High Priestess I find that the resets vary on the RNG, I don't have a solid route but I would say reset if it feels too hard. One reset for Empress, one reset for Tower, and one reset for Fortune.

I think I can get maybe around 6:30 but I've yet to get below 6:41. With this route it just kind of seems like an RNG grind, I constantly reset in the first two levels. Try out my pattern and see how it goes!

- Arris