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Is it permissible to use an emulator to set a record?


Maybe...? There are no rules against it so I guess it's fine.


After some discussion, emulators are now banned because of their advantage since this is a platformer with timing of key presses being crucial.


Wouldn't it be better to have Emulator runs as a separate subcategory? Then people can run the game on emulator without affecting the mobile leaderboard.


A different leaderboard is what I initially thought of, but consider a few things:

the game can be considered dead, in this sense the addition of an emulator might help the game grow a bit, but only in that category because players would spare themselves the pain of running it on mobile;

other games allow emulators putting them in different categories, now, since this game is basically a "copy" of SMBoy the fact that it's on mobile adds a whole different feel to the game, what I'm saying is 'why run this on emulator when you can run SMBoy?';

~I don't know wheter the times you get on emulator can be uploaded to the GooglePlay leaderboards or not, because in that case seeing the "legit" runs being beaten by somebody on emulator would be pretty unfair~.

This game really doesn't require high specs, your only concern would be recording, but even in that case you can set the quality as low as 480p 24fps and it wouldn't be a problem since the game has its own timer and runs @60fps.

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Agreed completely. If you're on a pc, there's no reason to play the game this game was copying instead. The whole point of mad dex is to be a mobile port of smb basically.