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So I suppose for each episode and full-game runs, we could start time as normal (Starting on when we click "Start Episode X" or restarting), but rather than end time on clicking "Continue" at the credits like we decided in Season One, we split when the text "Episode X: [Insert Name]" fades in.

But since the final episode, Above and Beyond doesn't have the whole "Episode X: [Insert Name]" thing at the end, we could just end time on when the screen fades to black after the last choice we make, whether it be we stay in Beacontown or hit the road with Petra.

Sounds reasonable?

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Then it's settled. 🙂

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Also, it would be better to end it on selecting one of the two choices rather than when the screen fades to black.

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Guess my “fade to black” idea was dumb from the start then. XD

It’s not like the dialogue choice(s) you have after making your decision really matter anyway.


Well, just one recalling my knowledge of the “Hit the road” ending but it really doesn’t matter or change anything before Jesse leaves.

Not too sure about the “Stay in Beacontown” ending but the same most likely applies to that, I bet.