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This game needs a glitchless category without:
- block clipping
- death abuse
- damage abuse
The Any% runs are surely nice to watch but the strats are hard to replicate and not intended by the map creators.

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There are a few categories that make sense to add but don't exist yet. Categories are added once the rules have been defined and a run has been done for the category. The intention is to avoid having a ton of categories that have no runs in them. If you are planning on running a category that doesn't have a leaderboard page yet, chat with a moderator so they can confirm the rules of the proposed category and once a run has been done demonstrating the rules the leaderboard can be added.

For reference, All Treasure Hunts, All Treasure Hunts Co-op, and Broom Racing are all categories that will likely end up being on the leaderboards, but are still too early in development to have actual pages yet.

Part of the decision process for a No Major Glitches category is determining whether it makes sense for it to be a one-off (only No Major Glitches any%) or whether it should be available as a variable on all the leaderboards. Also, I'm not sure there is any consensus on the rules for No Major Glitches. Specifically, I don't think the community is aligned on whether firework jumps are permitted in No Major Glitches, since they are a completely vanilla mechanic but rely on lag to perform the more powerful 2-high version.

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Also, as a runner who has played with and without the glitches, I'm fairly confident the glitches actually make the speedrun easier, at least at a competitive level. Apparition and Azkaban as intended are nightmare-ish. They are plagued with glitches and bugs that kill runs, and exist at the end of the route. In fact, most of my records before the glitches had significant time losses during the combat sections. I lost a minute or two in one of my records because a death eater teleported to a place I couldn't reach it. All of my runs before the glitches had significant timeloss on Azkaban because it's just that hard to do the combat efficiently, and I had lost multiple runs due to glitches in Azkaban.

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