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Should game-saves really be allowed in glitchless? I personally think they shouldn't count because it allows you to keep going after dying easily, keep you from losing things, and allowing you to reset for items. They should be allowed in glitched, but I'm skeptical whether mods should allow game-saves in glitchless.


Exiting without Saving is technically something built in the game, and runs who do them are just exploiting it to their advantage. We do allow exploits in runs as long as they're not glitches, so I don't see why do we need to move runs that use Save Exploit to glitched categories.

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I guess so, but it seems unfair because you can get everything perfect. The only disadvantage is that it adds a bit more time and I guess that evens out.


wdym unfair? its only unfair if its something nobody else can do lol


Not everything can be made perfect. And there’s also a small time penalty for each time it’s performed. It’s helpful, but not like a super monster OP trick imo.


unless you have a series x or ps5 😐️